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Address of factory and headquarters
Head Office and Manufacture:No.13,2nd Sanat Alley,Enghelab Blvd.,Qods City,Tehran,Iran.
Factory Address: Hashtgerd Town, Industrial Town, Phase 3, Banafsheh Street 20, Koosheshkaran Co.
Fax : 021-46820215

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Managing Director: Mojtaba Naeli

Phone number :+98(0)2146824240 – 46826535
Email: naeli@koosheshkaran.com

Sales Manager: Leila Hasani

Phone number :+98(0)2146851958 
Email: sale@koosheshkaran.com

Production Manager: M.Reza Ahmadi

Phone number :+98(0)2644240023-30
Email: ahmadi@koosheshkaran.com

Finance Manager: Ali Bozorgzadeh

Phone number :+98(0)2644240023-30 — 516
Email: a.b.zadeh@koosheshkaran.com

Designer & Technical Manager: Amir Naeli

Phone number :+98(0)2644240023-30 — 520
Email: technical@koosheshkaran.com

After Sale Service: Asghar Ahmadi

Phone number :+98(0)2146818702-3 46851957 
Email: service@koosheshkaran.com

Production and Inventory Planning : Malihe Abbasi

Phone number :+98(0)2644240023-30 — 590
Email: planing@koosheshkaran.com

Human Resource Manager: Hossein Azhari

Phone number :+98(0)2644240023-30 — 602
Email: edari@koosheshkaran.com

Commerical Department: Mikail Esmail Pour

Phone number :+98(0)2146824240 – 46826535
Email: commercial.dept@koosheshkaran.com

IT : Mohammad Heidari

Phone number :
Email: IT@koosheshkaran.com

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